A New Day

Have you ever gotten up early just to watch the sun rise? – Not to hurry about getting ready for a busy day, but just to watch the sunrise? If you have ever lived on a farm, you notice everything comes to life again as the sun begins to peek between the trees. The rooster crows as if announcing to everyone, “It’s morning again.” If you watch from a mountaintop or your own backyard, there is the same golden glow of the sun’s first arrival, and with it a promise of a brand-new day. *

Many problems can come into our lives. We completely miss the promise of a wonderful new morning and become overwhelmed. Webster describes overwhelm this way: “To pour down upon and cover over or bury beneath.” If you are feeling sad or lonely or depressed or anxious, it is as though this dark cloud has covered you over. When any of us gets into these unwanted places in our lives, it is natural to become immobile – stuck in the situation. Sometimes all you need is a good friend to come along and help you see your way out. Many times, however, we keep our difficulties to ourselves. It could be we don’t want to be vulnerable or we don’t want anyone to know what is going on with us. So we put on a mask and go through our day as though all is well. In other circumstances, there is no one you can call a good friend; there is no one you feel you can trust.

This is why this website, Joy of Hope, is here. We want to be able to encourage you and help you move into a more joyful life. You will find many articles here that can perhaps give you new ideas and direction. You can email us and begin a conversation that can give you support in the days ahead. Eventually you may want to talk with someone on the phone.

For now, think about this. Each and every morning, you have a brand new day to begin all over again. Whoever said things have to remain the same? You may or may not be a list maker, but here is a suggestion. Get yourself a notebook and begin by making some lists. On one page put the title, “All The Things I Am Grateful For.” You will be surprised how many there really are. Continue adding to this list. On another page put the title, “Changes I Want to Make.” On a third page put the title, “What I Should Do.”

What is your ultimate goal for yourself? There is a simple way to get there if you will pursue it. On your fourth page, draw a ladder. At the very top put your ultimate goal. Now imagine you are going to reach that goal. In order to get there, what should you be doing? Write the very first thing you should do and put it on the bottom rung. Write the next step on the second rung. Go all the way up the ladder until you reach the top and your final goal. Remember, no one can ever reach the top of a real ladder without going up one rung at a time. This is your goal, rung one first.

Here is an example. If your final goal is to have a lot of friends, how can you get there?

Rung one might say, choose some people I would like to be friends with. Rung two might say, ask John or Mary out for coffee. Rung three, exchange phone numbers or email addresses. Rung four, find something in common. Rung five, begin regular communication. Six might be go to dinner together.

You get the idea; eventually you will discover yourself at the top – goal accomplished. Never forget, there is always a new day awaiting you. It is there so you can begin again. Get up and embrace it. It is your special gift

*There is a beautiful song entitled, “Morning Has Broken.” It was written in 1931 by Elenor Farjeon and has been recorded by many artists. However, it was released by folk singer Roger Whittaker in 1977. Google his name and the song title so you can listen to the inspiring words.

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