Always Look Up

There is something so magical and awe inspiring in the clear night sky. One of the first rhymes we ever learned is “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” The English author, Jane Taylor, wrote this poem in 1806 and it was set to music in 1838. Little children have loved reciting it for over 200 years. The author is so right; they do look like sparkling diamonds in the sky. We grew up wishing on falling stars and who hasn’t stretched out on the cool summer grass and gazed into the heavens when you were a child? Maybe you talked to your friend about your dreams and plans and together you wondered what you would be when you grew up. Some probably dreamed to going into space one day… and some we now know have. When you find yourself feeling disillusioned and needing hope, remember to always look up.

There are basically two ways to go through life, looking up or looking down. In other words, having a positive attitude or a negative attitude. Most of us know at least one person that seems to see all of life through dark glasses – nothing is ever right. They are the ones you have learned not to ask the question, “How are you?” You already know the answer. Maybe, if you are honest with yourself, this could even be you.

There is another wonderful poem that was written by Judith Viorst in 1972. The title pretty much tells the story: “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” Google it and read the words. Not only will it make you smile, but you will also be able to relate. We all have days like this from time to time. There is the bad hair day and the day you have an appointment and you hop into your car, already running late, and it won’t start. We just want to be sure that if our days are more downers than uppers, we know how to turn it all around.

Some people seem to enjoy feeling miserable, but that is not why you are here now. You don’t want to be sad or lonely or depressed. You may be dealing with something in your life that has you searching for answers. There is always hope for a better tomorrow, a tomorrow in which you can find joy to replace sadness. Sometimes we are lost and don’t know how to find the right direction. It could be that you just can’t see the up side because you are too overwhelmed by the down side. Perhaps you need someone to come along side you and give you the encouragement you need. Sometimes all you need is a friend that cares about you. That is our purpose at Joy of Hope – to care. You may find some answers that can be of help by looking around at some of the articles on this site. But if you want to contact us, please do. Building bridges between people is so important and whether you are being the encourager or receiving the encouragement, you will be blessed.

Here is one more poem from the book “Inside My Heart.” It is what we hope to be able to do for you.


It only takes an instant
To catch another’s eye,
To give a nod or shake a hand
Or share a weary sigh.
It’s like a tiny ripple
From a pebble in a lake,
You can make a big impression
If the time you’ll only take.
If you can lift another’s spirit
Or let them know you understand,
What only takes an instant
Builds a bridge from man to man.

Kayann McPeak

Keep a positive attitude and pursue hope. The next time you have a chance, go outside at night and look up at the diamonds in the sky. See the amazing grandeur and know that the Omniscient God that created the heavens above also cares deeply about you. Remember to always look up.