It is amazing how the seasons work. Summer is equated with hotter days and fun filled vacations and we wish it would never end – well we can safely say the school children wish it would never end. But, what a relief when the all too hot days turn to the cool, crisp days of autumn. In Southern California we miss the beautiful eastern colors as the leaves change to shades of red and gold. But even here the leaves do change some and fall to the ground, signaling that it’s time for the trees to sleep. Much of nature rests during our winter months, and then comes the awakening. In the frozen snow country, green blades of grass begin to appear, announcing the coming of spring. Here the trees bud and some blossom with pink or white flowers. The lilies and tulips sprout from the ground and the world is vibrant and alive again. Everything is as it should be.

The same is true for us. Each and every person is here to fulfill their purpose, the plan for their own individual life. Yet, many people continue to ask the same question, “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?” Could this be something you question? If so, it’s important for you to discover what it is you are intended to do. Could it be you are, like the leafless tree, just in your dormant stage? If so, it’s time to return to living a beautiful and vibrant life.

Everyone has heard of the businessman that one day walks away from a high paying job to pursue painting, or singing, or working with the handicapped. The paycheck doesn’t seem to matter any more because he is doing what he loves… he has found his purpose. Not only is he fulfilling his inner desire, he is giving something back that can benefit someone else.

If you aren’t aware of what your purpose really is, you can know this, to give something to others, to make someone else feel better, is a meaningful thing.  You might be thinking it is impossible to leave your job just to chase after a dream. It is the rare person that can actually do that and maybe you even like your job but don’t feel it is your real calling. To give to others can be a lifestyle done any place and at any time. Have you ever thought how much impact a smile can have, a compliment, or a kind gesture? It’s fun to do something for a neighbor without them knowing who did it. Get creative and think of things that will please someone else. Here are some ideas just to get your started. You might mow a neighbor’s lawn when they are away or put a bouquet of flowers at the door of a senior with a note that says, “Just for you.” Discover what you love to do – then do it. You will have found your purpose.

If you are feeling lonely, depressed, sad, anxious, or any other negative feeling – remember you are here for a reason. It is time to leave the winter of your life behind and begin to blossom, maybe slowly at first, but begin. You will feel so much better when you think of someone else and do something for them. It’s strange how this works, but by doing a good deed, the giver ends up blessed as well.  It is time for you to have your own awakening! All it takes is to just begin.