Finding a Life with Purpose

When you were a child, do you remember someone asking you what you wanted to be when you grew up? As children, we all had visions and dreams of becoming something special.

What job or career did you want to do when you grow up?

Many a little boy wanted to be a fireman, or a policeman and the little girls pictured themselves as nurses, teachers or mommies. Sometimes the dream job that seemed wonderful to us wasn’t a very high calling, but we wanted it nonetheless. The idea of running away and joining the circus seemed perfect. And yes, even becoming a gift wrapper at a big department store sounded wonderful to some of us. As far away as all these dreams were, we had plans and goals and no worries about achieving them. Later on, as we grew a bit older, we began thinking of being doctors or lawyers or even astronauts.

Are your dreams and visions dissatisfied?

Now, with all those carefree days behind you, are you wondering what happened? Are you feeling as though you have no purpose in life? Do you see your dreams and visions unfulfilled and your days as worthless? If so, it is definitely time to make some changes and to discover your passion again.

Many people are searching for meaning in their lives and don’t know how to find it. Sometimes the fear of change looms so large that we decide to continue on with feelings of anxiety and of being lost; it just seems easier. If you live your life with purpose, you will find it to be full and complete. So how do you find your purpose?

If you are thinking this means finding a job that has a great paycheck or a big title, you are thinking incorrectly. The president of a big company can still feel he has no meaningful purpose.

What really brings forth your purpose in life?

Doing something good for others gives you purpose. Find something you can do that will enrich the life of someone else. We are all on this journey of life together and many have needs they can’t fulfill themselves. Can you be the one to help them? Perhaps you might find a program where you can help children. You can tutor those struggling with school and make a graduate out of a would be drop out. That is a great purpose. You might be one of those that dreamed of being a teacher when you were a child and this could be your chance. Perhaps you might research charities and find one that speaks to your heart and gives you purpose. Maybe you have a special love for animals and can volunteer at the Humane Society. There are probably more needs than we can even imagine. Perhaps you haven’t realized it yet, but the true answer to finding fulfillment is in love – love for others. Isn’t it true that when we give something away, the blessing comes back to us? Remember the phrase “pass it forward?”

You are created by God and he has a purpose and a plan for you! Yes, just for you.  Knowing his purpose for creating you will give new meaning to your life. It is important for your present happiness and fulfillment as well as for your future. There is a very well known book written by Rick Warren. (32 million copies have been sold to date.) The title is “The Purpose Driven Life” and it is available on as well as  Finding your life’s purpose and meaning is more than just doing things – it goes deeper than that. It has a spiritual element that will fulfill you eternally. Not only will you be helping and doing for others, at the same time you will be helping yourself… and isn’t that what you are really looking for?

Here Is A Checklist To Get You On Your Way:

  • Spend some time daydreaming like you did when you were a child and see what comes to mind that would be meaningful to you. Write this down.
  • Ask yourself, “If I were to pursue this, what should I do first?” You might make a list of the steps to take in finding out about this idea.
  • Without making a commitment, begin doing the things on your list that lead to your goal. Before you know it, you will be at the final step – going for it.
  • Now make a commitment to yourself to begin trying just one of your ideas to see what happens.
  • If you find you can’t wait to get back and do it again, you have probably found your purpose. You may want to try several things and the right one will speak to you.
  • Finally, pray. Ask God to lead you to where he wants you to be.