Turn Lost Feelings to Purpose and Meaning

In many ways we are all alike. We want to live happy lives with rewarding experiences, fulfilling companionships and reachable goals. Sometimes, however, other things get in the way and we find ourselves feeling sad, lonely or depressed because things just aren’t what we hoped they would be.

Unfortunately, many times we turn to the wrong solutions. Some of us fill our anxieties by eating too much; others turn to drugs or alcohol. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be influenced by people that don’t have our best interests in mind. In the end, we find that we are still sad, lonely or depressed… and even more so as time goes by.

Many of us work all of our lives to rise to the top, to get ahead in our careers. Then the day comes when you have to retire and you find yourself saying, “Is this all there is?” You may be someone that has asked the familiar question, “Why am I here?” Too many people spend years searching for meaning. Just go into a bookstore or library and take a look at the rows of self-help books. They can point you in many different directions, so which one do you choose? Who has the right answer?

In our modern, technical world, it is natural for most people to do an Internet search looking for suggestions or answers to our many questions. There isn’t much you can’t find there. You might be surprised to learn that if you are trying to find meaning for your life you would likely type in Self Discovery. What comes up are many sites directing you to embark on a solo journey. Yes, take a trip to some remote place where you can sit and reflect on things. The problem with this approach is that you take you along on the trip. The same thoughts and questions are not only there with you, they also return home with you. Now if you choose to go to see something new, by all means enjoy a trip and take someone with you to make it much more fun. But a trip to discover the purpose for your life is probably not the answer.

There are psychiatrists offering therapy and medications, but these may be Band-Aids to permanent and fulfilling answers. In searching for the meaning of life you can find answers with philosophers, science, theology and the metaphysical world as well as various books written on the subject. The more you search, the more different answers you will discover. Some give good tips on the value of reaching goals or the satisfaction that comes from serving others. Throughout this website you will find many suggestions to help you get involved in life. However, it is important to know that there is more to life than just what this world has to offer.

Many people have told about their life long determination to reach the top of their careers and to complete their goals only to discover they still feel empty. Sometimes this makes people change careers altogether, hoping they will find satisfaction. Why? What are they missing? What do we need to know to find complete contentment, purpose and meaning? If this question lingers within you, we invite you to read on.