There Is Something More

Have you ever seriously considered that there might be a higher power? How do the stars stay in the sky? Why does our earth continue to turn? What keeps the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano every year – right on schedule? Could it be that there is indeed a God that looks after these things?

Some have rejected the idea of God and have never wanted to believe he exists. Others do accept that he is; but beyond that know nothing more about him. If you find yourself frustrated with life and nothing has worked for you, perhaps it’s time to consider God and what he can do for you. If you are ready to have an open mind and willing heart, we invite you to discover a genuine reason to hope and to find joy in your life.

Let’s begin by asking a question: What if God is indeed real? For the sake of our discussion, we will assume he is. Any study of how everything works and holds together is almost impossible to believe just came about by accident. Examine the human body and the intricate parts of the eye; do a real investigative study. How is it you can see? Why are you able to think or remember or form words that make sense? Could this all be an accident? If so, look at all the other accidents. Year after year the seasons change, the rain falls from the sky and returns again by evaporation. The fruit trees blossom every spring and then produce fruit that is good for us to eat. Babies are born again and again; how are they formed? The sun warms our planet and holds it’s place in the sky and every day night falls and the moon shines. Of course we can go on and on with examples, but is everything working together, continually, all just some weird accident? Or is there a creator? Yes, it is our creator that gives us breath to live, humor to make us laugh, and feelings to give us the ability to love. Our creator, God, is defined this way: God is Love.

If you are wondering why you should believe in God and his love, you might ask yourself, “Why not believe?” What have you got to loose? How has life been working for you so far, trying to handle everything on your own? Would you like to find peace in your life? If you are searching for answers to find meaning and purpose, you have not come to this website by accident.

Perhaps you are among those who want to be shown proof that God does indeed exist. Perhaps you are skeptical about everything until shown convincing evidence. After looking at the spectacular universe, or smelling the fragrance of a beautiful rose, or observing a butterfly on a warm spring day – if snow capped mountains and rushing waterfalls and waves that wash upon the beach don’t prove to you there is a God, then you need to know one more thing. It is called Faith.

If you think you do not have faith, the fact is that you do. Faith is knowing the light will come on when you flip the light switch. Faith is knowing the car will start when you turn the key in the ignition – It even knows there will be cereal inside the box when you open it. Webster’s Dictionary defines faith as “unquestioning belief.” We have it all day long without even thinking about it.

What can faith in God do for you? How can you know him? Does he have a purpose for your life? If you want to know the answers to these questions, please continue reading.